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ROI analysis of CGB Tech Budget for 4 cement plants.

2020-08-10 17:51:20

When Topnewer's CGB tech increasingly catch the eyes of cement plants, many asked about the price of CGB product.What we want to say is: Please don't not take it for granted.If you think it's just a matter of grinding media replacement,you would pay bitterly.

At the very beginning,most cement people just didn't believe the miracle of power saving value brought by CGB tech.They kept their stereotype mindset just like people had though Covid-19 was just but a flu with a little bit flea bite pain. Now,as we see,how terrible this epidemic is threatening us and this world!

What we try to say is:Not all ball mills are suitable for our CGB tech.And if we say yours can benefit from it,please don't think it's just a snap.Actually, you have alot of job to do before you can really apply CGB tech to your ball mill.So,instead of selling a new grinding media,we prefer to be regarded as solution provider. We are not selling CGB, we are contributing a cutting edge tech to help our cement plant clients to enjoy the power saving benefit.By saving power,the greenhouse gas to the atmosphere is mitigated. So, we are making a better world.                                                                                                There's a simple way to evaluate this tech from the point view of economic effectiveness.We present you 4 cases which are under negotiations from 4 various countries.The ROI is maximum 8 months.For Topnewer, 1-2kwh saving isn't worth touching, as long as we decide to put our hands on, 3 kwh/t saving for the target ball mill is our bottom line.

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