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CGB is far more than just product,instead,it's technology.

2020-08-10 17:35:53

In the past 5 years application of CGB, some failed.But more were satisfied and inspired with the CGB application result as the power saving rate was upto 5-6 kwh/t,which is magnificent achievement for a cement plant. Now it’s universally recognized in Chinese cement line that to use properly the CGB technology isn’t a take-it-for-granted job. But at beginning, some had thought it’s just a matter of replacement from high-chrome steel balls to CGB.

However,except for hundreds of Chinese cement plants benefiting from CGB technology already, a successful case is also worth studying in BCL Chakwal of Pakistan-.After introducing CGB technology to their 2-chamber mill in March 2018,more than 19 months has passed, the average power saving rate is 3.14 kwh/t according to their latest statistics.With this saving rate, they had produced 1005683MT cement by April end of 2019.It means,after applying CGB technology, they had saved 3148424.62 kwh power in 14 months.To a country that is short of electricity and power cost is high,isn’t it a big achievement?

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