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We visit the biggest cement company (SCG) in Thaliand.

2020-08-10 17:28:28

Siam Cement Group (SCG), with 37 ball mills in operation is the biggest cement company in Thaliand. On November 8th ,we visit Mr.Khomkrich Laylux,the senior specialist in SCG,who introduced their experience of applying CGB last year. History repeated itself-just like what happened in India. SCG also failed the trail. Instead of garnered power saving fruit,they lost production,and the power consumption soar up!

Again,during explaination I sincerely told Mr.Khomkrich: CGB is a technology ,not a mere product.Please do not take it for granted. If you think it's just an easy replacement from Hi-chrome steel balls to CGB,you will be disapointed finally. Fortunately, after serious evaluation,we have the confidence to give guaranty of 4kwh/T saving! If this goal is obtained, this would also be the first success case in the world in CGB technology application history on a ball mill without roller press! SCG had bought a plenty of ceramic grinding balls last year,and suspended the application due to previous failure trial.We suggest that we offer them technical support, and help them use up those DEAD CGB! Although we can not make money out of selling our own CGB to them,but our prority is to help our customer out,to make money is the less important thing!

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