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Technics of cement grinding production and consumption reduction.

2020-08-10 17:26:53

Brief analysis of major problems and its causes in the cement mill

  1. There are plenty of materials stored in a warehouse of the cement mill ,after the normal completion of grinding process (the material surface of one warehouse is 40 mm higher than that of the second warehouse, the second bin is too spacious, when the mill is in normal operation, the mill head is not able to pass the material through the spacing plate, the grading of the grinding body in the mill is not reasonable, because the hole area of the center bracket of the spacing plate is small.

  2. The powder selection efficiency of o-sepa powder separator is 33% to 40%,which is average and not so high so the low powder selection efficiency affects the production of the grinding machine, and the phenomenon of over-grinding in the grinding machine is serious problem; O-sepa powder separator involves four-point process, herringbone material is used between each two points, due to uneven process, there is a short circuit phenomenon in the powder separator cavity, and the powder separator is of lower transmission type, there is no three-air separation device, resulting in low powder sorting efficiency. Aiming at the above phenomenon,

we adopt the following transformation scheme:

  1. The side plate of the first warehouse of mill is replaced with a new type of anti blocking plate. (See Figure.1) , the blind plate of the side compartment plate of the second warehouse is changed to the compartment with 6mm grate, In addition, 78 holes of 100 mm×150 mm were added on the center bracket to increase the material passing capacity of the plate, and to create the balance between the flow rate of materials in first and second bin in the mill , thus solving the above problems. The grate plate is also transformed into a new type of anti - blocking grate plate.

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  1. The insertion side of o-sepa powder separator is divided into two parts let the air get three times for the wind transformation , and to inlet air current into the O - Sepa classifier, chute a piece of plate is added (see figure 4 a), then chute is turned into the classifier herringbone placed with 2 pieces points to the valve plate (see figure 4 b), the classifier with a total of four rolling points, each of the two roll point using one glyph valve, classifier roll valve and then widened, this way the distance between the tray material into the classifier can't collide on the tray, after four rolls inlet to extension of 100 mm, the classifier uneven distribution and classifier internal short circuit problem of material is simplified and solved. The original o-sepa 3500 transmission powder separator was transformed into a powder separator with three times air eddy currents (see FIG. 5) to improve the powder selection efficiency of the separator.

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